The Snow Fox

4242 stars
Susan Fromberg Schaeffer

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Title The Snow Fox
Rating 4242 stars
Author Susan Fromberg Schaeffer
Pages 448
Isbn 0641736304
Review It took me a long time to finish this book. This narrative moved very slowly and I just wasn't compelled to read on. What's more is that main character, Lady Utsu, was supposed to have been a famous poet. Was it just me? The poems she wrote seemed useless and non-sensical. I wanted to appreciate the lyrical value that I expected these poems would add to the overall style of the novel but I just didn't get it.
Maybe you really have to know how to appreciate the art and nature of Haiku to really appreciate this novel.


This book was the first historical novel I read that was set in Japan. I've read some contemporary set books set in Japan, but this was defiantly a first for me. At first I was a little unsure if I liked this book or not. However, I avoided judging until I read the last page and was done. I then let my mind think and work out what I just read. It was an amazing love story and one that will always stay with me. At first I was irritated with how the author wrote the story. She jumped to different points in time without warning. I would find myself absolutely confused and frustrated with the characters.
However, once I got to book two, I was absolutely in love with this book! I even loved how foreboding the book was, it warns you and give you so many clues to what's about to happen and how the book will end. You want to enjoy these and believe that everything will be okay. I wanted so badly for every character to find they're happy ending, but as we all know that that never happens. I will admit that I fell for Matsuhito. He's sort of the Japanese version of William Marshal from 'The Greatest Knight' by Elizabeth Chadwick. He's such a great guy! He's so loyal and perfect. (Spoiler coming) I was devastated that he died at the end, but it was romantic because he couldn't live without Lady Utsu and his son. (Spoiler done).
I hated how the author skipped around and how she plotted out the story. I would've preferred it running in a straight line, but I know she did it purposely. I loved the story and all the characters, even Lord Norimasa's his psychotic wife. I loved how she well she used the idea of foxes as the symbolism of the entire book. All-in-all, I found this a great story and if you love history like me, you'll enjoy this book. It shows you life of three historical figures in medieval Japan. It shows you a completely unique and misunderstood world. I do recommend that you give this book a shot. Out of 5 stars, I will grant this book 5 stars. It was 4.8, but since I don't do decimals I rounded up.

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